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Junior Hockey Stick - Matrix Junior 750 C-Bow
The Matrix JR 750 is the perfect stick for young talents looking for that extra kick. This stick was..
Senior Hockey Stick - Matrix 5000 M-Bow
The Matrix 5000 is a carbon/dyneema matrix M-bow stick with 50% carbon and a 20mm bend. The special ..
Senior Hockey Stick - Matrix 6000 C-Bow
The Matrix 6000 is a carbon/matrix C-bow stick with 60% carbon and a 25mm bend. The stick is develop..
Senior Hockey Stick - Pro 25000 (L)
The Pro 25000 is a carbon/matrix M-bow stick with 100% double injected carbon and a 20mm bend. The s..
Senior Hockey Stick - Pro 8000 M-Bow
The Pro 8000 is a carbon/matrix M-Bow stick with 80% carbon and a 23mm bend. The stick is made of ul..

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